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5 Things We Learned in 2020

1. Antiquated networks just won’t cut it anymore.

Legacy networks are always headed toward ongoing repair, upgrade, or complete replacement, but due to the surge in internet usage as a result of COVID-19, 2020 has accelerated the pace and process. In addition, demand for new fiber route development is required in order to keep connecting the data center hubs. New routes are vitally important not just for carriers and telecoms, but to appropriately support increased demand from all consumers of bandwidth globally.

2. Disaster planning must be a priority.

Preparation and readiness for the next “worst case scenario” is priority for all. As network providers we need to learn from and plan beyond COVID-19. Whether it’s a future pandemic or natural disaster, our industry will be expected to deliver on capacity requirements to support customers and users at a scale never experienced before.

3. An opportunity to serve.

The pandemic has put a spotlight on underserved areas in our country that still can’t rely on functioning networks. Entire geographical and social communities are affected when the population is forced to work and learn from home. We have an obligation and an opportunity to build new fiber routes through geographies previously ignored and for social demographic groups previously neglected.

4. Fiber and Telecommunications have become lifeline utilities.

Faced with the challenges of working, learning, and remotely remaining connected to loved ones via networked devices, fast and reliable internet has become as essential to our lives as electricity, water, and gas. The education of our youth and success of our economy now rely on it.

5. There is room for growth for both established and new providers.

Despite industry consolidation over the past decade, there is still a wealth of opportunity for new and smaller providers to successfully build and expand networks throughout the United States, and worldwide. Demand for connectivity will continue to soar in response to boundless IoT innovations. We have a responsibility to enable these technologies and advancements for all to be successful. Our networks have to keep up and preempt the needs.

MOX has the ability to support this infinite capacity and is actively building new fiber routes to support this growth in several regions. Nimble and entrepreneurial by nature, our MOX team is always seeking the next opportunity to collaborate with both customers and ecosystem partners, old and new, in pursuit of network advancement and expansion.


Leslie Reid

Vice President, Marketing

Leslie heads all marketing initiatives for MOX, focusing on corporate branding, creating market awareness, and ensuring a positive customer experience.

Prior to MOX, Leslie was the Director of Global Marketing at EdgeConneX, leading the creation of the brand, complete with messaging and go-to-market strategy. Leslie also served as Sr. Marketing Manager of Sidera Networks with a focus on experiential marketing efforts and corporate rebranding. Previously, Leslie served as Director of Marketing and launched the Intellifiber Networks brand and market positioning. Leslie has a BBA in Management from James Madison University.


Leslie Reid
Vice President of Marketing, MOX
+1 844 214 9500

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