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5 Things We Forecast for 2021

1. Telecom will remain one of 2021’s strongest and most stable industries.

As a required utility, we will continue to design, build, and offer more network connectivity solutions, supplying the online access needed by so many. 2020 set a new precedent for how we adapted, reinvented, and continued on with our lives and our business. Forward, the sky’s the limit for delivering enough network connectivity to support our world.

2. MOX will be a key player.

Designing, building, and managing new networks across North America in 2021, we are on the trajectory to continue to grow our customer base, as well as deliver on their exponentially increasing demand for connectivity. We are committed to expanding our investment in infrastructure and delivering infinite capacity.

Our MOX team is eager to announce new partnerships, collaborations and investments to create network infrastructure in 2021!

3. Smart Connected city planning will surge.

Cities and municipalities are evaluating how 2020 affected their ability to effectively deliver on the connectivity requirements of their communities at school, work, and home. With advancements in smart city technology, new approaches to better serve their businesses and users through connectivity are available to create new paths for infinite capacity. In addition to meeting the connectivity needs for cities, there lie new sources of revenue for years to come.

4. Spending to update existing infrastructure will increase.

Telecom infrastructure received a lot of attention during the 2020 pandemic due to unprecedented stresses that we put on our networks. As we move into 2021 the federal government will most certainly focus on creating opportunities for new entrants, such as MOX, to provide the necessary fiber and telecommunications services required to maintain and upgrade infrastructure across the country.

5. State and local governments will strive for preparedness.

The possibility of future disasters or pandemics forcing entire populations, particularly schools, into a digital environment requires a hard look into the health and diversity of local networks. This focus on local networks supporting their communities will expose opportunities for new paths that carriers and telecommunications companies can develop, build, and manage for municipalities. This exploration into city planning also allows for consideration of scalable solutions that will offer long term support.

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Leslie Reid

Vice President, Marketing

Leslie heads all marketing initiatives for MOX, focusing on corporate branding, creating market awareness, and ensuring a positive customer experience.

Prior to MOX, Leslie was the Director of Global Marketing at EdgeConneX, leading the creation of the brand, complete with messaging and go-to-market strategy. Leslie also served as Sr. Marketing Manager of Sidera Networks with a focus on experiential marketing efforts and corporate rebranding. Previously, Leslie served as Director of Marketing and launched the Intellifiber Networks brand and market positioning. Leslie has a BBA in Management from James Madison University.


Leslie Reid
Vice President of Marketing, MOX
+1 844 214 9500

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